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Auto Risk Solutions is a road safety/driver training company based in North Wales. We specialise in providing work related road safety consultancy to businesses across the UK and worldwide. If you are an organisation employing drivers as a part of your business – or if your drivers respond to emergencies as a part of your services our expert team of consultants/trainers are available to provide the highest standards of road safety training and assessments.


Auto Risk Solutions has vast experience in carrying out occupational road risk assessments, and preparing work related road safety policies. Principal consultant Tom Jones, is an experienced risk auditor as well as being a highly qualified driver trainer with a police background - so you can be sure of a highly professional service.

Work related road safety  specialists Professional consultations

Are you looking for a professional consultation on your company’s work related road safety? We are available to provide our services across the UK and internationally. Our services include:


• Overview of customer’s complete on-road operations

• Breakdown of incident and claims history

• Risk assessment of all work related vehicle use

• Preparation and review of work related road safety policy

• Training needs analysis of all staff and drivers

• Driver support, resource and management

• Outlining ownership of senior management's    responsibilities

• In-house crash investigation processes