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Even with highest levels of road safety training, accidents do occur that are often beyond your control. At Auto Risk Solutions, we understand the importance of a fair and safe determination of the causes and risks presented at on-road accidents and collisions. Our consultants are highly trained experts who can provide an assessment of the incident and represent your company on a legal level.


In the event of a serious on-road incident, a proficient crash investigator can be provided promptly and to act in defence of an organisation’s liabilities

We believe the best road safety solutions are the preventative measures. Auto Risk Solutions can help educate your company drivers in the highest standards of road safety, helping to provide the knowledge of dealing with and avoiding fatal road incidents. We provide extremely thorough blue light training, and reviews and assessments of work related road safety, so you can be assured of a high level of safety for your employees.


Are you a company that's based internationally? We provide services from the Channel Islands and throughout Europe.

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